KINS Terry Lined Poly Pull-On Adult Pant 10200TP

KINS Terry Lined Poly Pull-On Adult Plastic Pant - 100% polyester - durable and long-lasting. A lightweight, all-in-one pant. Lined with 100% cotton terry cloth with Lycra® at the legs, and reinforced Lycra® at the waist for extra fit. Machine wash and dry. Available in white, yellow, pink and blue.

Please note this product has been discontinued. It will be removed from our website when the available inventory has been sold.

KINS Terry Lined Poly Pull-On Adult Plastic Pant Size Chart

Size Small Medium Large X-large S-Large
Waist 28-32" 32-36" 36-40" 40-44" 44-48"
Max Hip Width 40" 42" 46" 48" 50"
Side Seam 10" 10" 10" 10.5" 11"
Crotch Width 12" 12.5" 13" 13.5" 14"
Leg Width 15-22" 16-23" 17-24" 18-25.5" 19-26"

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Mark Di Phillipo
Terry cloth line plastic pants

I like the way the terry cloth and plastic pants match it’s a really good match but there’s it’s a little big for a medium for me smalls too small and medium is too big so if you’re out 510 guy 200 pounds you might like it or you might not like it. I do like that it’s classic pants and Terry lined I do like that part maybe I can have a custom pair made to my measurements. All in all I really do like all baby kins products thank you.

Anthony Cicerelli

I’m on line one was much too big. Two lined ones are tight but OK. And the blue plastic ones are too large but OK. Your sizing said large on everything. I have a 39 inch waist.

They’re obviously quality products and the service was great.

Anthony J Cicerelli


bought 4 more

Ordered a couple awhile ago to see how they worked with occasional disposable diaper leaks at night. So far they have helded up to everything I have
thrown at them. I still have the occasional leaks but no wet spots on the sheets. Thanks Babykins!

Sarah Hillcrest
Excellent protection

This poly pant may seem a bit expensive until you realize it's actually an amazing deal. It's a terry pant and a poly pant sew together and not much more expensive then just the Poly pant. First off the quality is top notch, it's very thick PUL, and very well sewn. It first perfect and is very comfortable. The pink color is very nice, it has a very institutional hospital feel. I've worn it over disposables to catch leaks for overnight wear, or over cloth diapers for waterproofing and extra protection. The Terry pants are just enough to hold leaks, but don't expect them to hold alot.


Excellent product especially as I am a side sleeper



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