KINS Adult Contour Prefold Diaper 10100C

Our KINS 10100C Contour Prefold Cloth Diaper is made of 100% cotton. It has two outer layers of flannelette sandwiched between two thick and thirsty layers of terry cotton. The elastic at the back of the legs and prefold help keep it in place. Combined with an insert and properly pinned this diaper is very comfortable. If you require additional absorbency a 10400 Absorbent Booster can be added. Also available in Nighttime and Daytime versions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Inner and outer shell is made from 100% natural brushed cotton flannelette
  • 100% cotton
  • Elastic leg gatherings to help keep in place
  • Can be worn day or night depending on your needs
  • Very absorbent, 2 layers of flannel sandwich a 4 layer insert
  • Pin on style, fold and secure the way you want
  • Comfortable, breathable and soft on skin
  • Can be machine washed and dried
  • Eco friendly, can be washed and worn many times
  • Comes in colours white, blue, pink and various prints
  • Available in sizes medium and large


  • Prefold pin on style
  • Combine with an insert or flat prefold, to be doubled or tripled up for maximum absorbency
  • Easy to pin on to wear the way you want
  • Very absorbent
  • Requires a waterproof pant to prevent leakage

Works With:

  • This cloth diaper works well with any of our full fitting pull on waterproof pants such as -- 20300V, 21300V, 10300V, 11000R, 10200P, 10300NT (please check size chart for sizing, not all styles have the same fit and measurements)
  • Need more protection and absorbency? Try adding 10400 inserts or another prefold, add as many layers as you need. Layering system makes laundering easier and faster to dry

Product Care:

  • Machine wash or hand wash in warm water
  • Use gentle/non harsh washing detergent
  • Use of bleach and harsh detergents not recommended as they break down the materials faster
  • Machine dry on low to medium heat until they are dry
  • To maximize absorbency, wash 2-3 times before use

Please note that medium will fit up to a 42” waist size and large will fit up to a 60” waist size depending on how you fold them.

KINS Contour Prefold Adult Diaper Size Chart

Medium 26" x 35"
Large 30" x 38.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Cheri Saunders
Contour Prefold Diaper!

I wore this diaper last night with my flannel lined plastic pants and was pleasantly surprised! This combination works for me for night time, and I shall try other combinations later! I think this diaper will be useful for 2 to 4 hours during the day while napping or getting out for awhile with my 6 mil unlined plastic pants.

Toddler Matt
Soft & Comfy

These Diapers are like getting a hug

Perfect Fit

The contour prefold diaper is a perfect fit, very absorbent, and the print is very cute and uplifting. The print plastic pants are nice too.

Miss Debbie
Pull up cloth diapers

These are the best diapers . Quite satisfied with them and the fast service from this company well done

michael LaCrosse

very comfortable very soft



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