KINS Adult Vinyl Snap 6 Mil Plastic Pant Diaper Cover 20300SV

$34.00 USD

100% vinyl - very lightweight, quiet, and cool. Five plastic snaps up each side (reinforced), and made with a special insert at the side seam that keeps leaking to a minimum and makes changing a "snap"! Machine or hand wash, for longer wear machine dry on low for roughly ten minutes. Available in white, pink, blue and yellow.

KINS Vinyl Snap Adult Plastic Pants Size Chart

Size Small Medium Large X-large 2X-Large
Waist 28-32" 32-36" 36-40" 40-44" 44-48"
Max Hip Width 40" 44" 47" 51" 54"
Side Seam 9" 10" 11" 12" 13"
Crotch Width 11" 11.5" 12" 12.5" 13"
Leg Width 15-20" 16-21.5" 17-23" 18-24" 19-26"

Customer Reviews

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Michael Deyoung
Great snap on plastic pants!

I use these snap on plastic pants over my thick cotton diapers at night, because I'm a bedwetter, and they keep my diapers from leaking without fail.

Michael Deyoung
Best plastic pants I've worn..

As someone who has been a bed wetter over 26 years, I've tried many different brands of diapers and plastic pants. Kins 6 mil plastic pants are my favorite.. The plastic is so soft and comfortable over my cloth night diapers, and they fit well over my disposable daytime diapers too. The snap-on plastic pants make it easy to change my daytime diapers too.

Mike Carolan
Best Adult Protection Company - Beyond Any Contestation

Incontinent products that Babykins manufactures and sells are of the highest quality. I have tried numerous cheaper brands and as one would expect; very few of the competitor's products lasted more than a month (they tear on the welded side seams, or the stitching holding the elastic to the plastic pants comes undone - even when you handwash them). Babykins' products on the other hand have lasted me more than a year. I DO handwash and line-dry all of my protection which extends the product's longevity.
These snap-on diaper covers (20300SV) are PERFECT for times when you know you will have to change in public as you do not have to take your pants off if you need to change the cover as well as your diaper (yes - I have waited to long to change on occasion, and the covers got wet as well). The inside flap that covers the side seams helps eliminate odors and prevents leaks that would normally happen with snap-on pants.
As a side note - instead of the traditional, institutional white PUL protection that we used to be stuck with - Babykins actually allows you to have different colors and styles of protection to choose from - which from a mental standpoint, makes being incontinent a little easier to deal with. Keep up the GREAT QA/QC process Babykins! Your products are wonderful!
Lastly, one of my Babykins' orders was put into the wrong mailbox (delivered to the wrong person) and the tracking showed that it was delivered. I let Babykins know what happened and they sent out a replacement right away! You can't ask for much more than that!

Great plastic pants.

These plastic pants work great to help cover up the embarrassing leaks I get when using disposable diapers during the day. They help make my workday just a little less stressful.

gary coulombe
Nice things.

I wish you wouldn't send things to the U,S.A. by dog sled! lol Love your things