KINS Night Time Flat Prefold Adult Diaper 10100N

Our KINS Night Time Adult Prefold Diaper features a cotton flannelette outer shell with an extra absorbent 10" center insert made of flannel, poly and terry. A very comfortable night time diaper that can also be worn during the day. Features a high waist design and great absorbency. Use with a high-waist Waterproof Pant for best results. Use with our KINS diaper pins for best results. See our diaper pinning blog post for instructions. If more absorbency is required add an absorbent booster pad.

Features & Benefits:

  • Inner and outer shell is made from 100% natural brushed cotton flannelette
  • 10” center pad with ultra absorbent layers and a poly/cotton insert
  • Maximum absorbency, can be worn day or night depending on your needs
  • Pin on style, fold the way you want
  • Flannelette is comfortable and soft on skin
  • Can be machine washed and dried
  • Eco friendly, can be washed and worn many times
  • Comes in colours white, blue, pink and various prints
  • Available in sizes medium and large


  • Prefold pin on style
  • Combine with an insert, or can be doubled up for maximum absorbency
  • Easy to pin on and fold the way you want
  • Very absorbent
  • Requires a waterproof pant to prevent leakage

Works With:

  • This cloth diaper works well with any of our full fitting pull-on waterproof pants such as - 20300V, 21300V, 11000R, 10200P, 10300NT (please check size chart for sizing, not all styles have the same fit and measurements)
  • Need more absorbency? Try adding 10400 inserts or another prefold, add as many layers as you need. Layering makes laundering easier and faster to dry

Product Care:

  • Machine wash or hand wash in warm water
  • Use gentle/non harsh washing detergent
  • Use of bleach and harsh detergents not recommended as they break down the materials faster
  • Machine dry on low to medium heat until they are dry
  • To maximize absorbency, wash 2-3 times before use

KINS Flat Prefold Night Time Adult Diaper Size Chart

Medium 27" x 35"
Large 35" x 42"


Please note that medium will fit up to a 42” waist size and large will fit up to a 60” waist size depending on how you fold them.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Scott Shisler
Kins prefold nighttime diaper

Also plastic pants
All good and the service has been great too
Very helpful people and prompt fulfilling my order
BabyKins is the only place I would order from!

Robert Grudosky
Nighttime Prefold diapers

I'm diaper most of my life and found kins nighttime prefold diapers absorb the most. Being a heavy bedwetter wearing two large prefold nightime diapers work best for me giving me the wide side for double pinning and stops the side leaking. Wearing the extra large panties over the diapers, fluffy, like the Gerber panties I used to wear, I keep my oneize and footed sleeper dry. The diapers last me for over a year, taking care of them daily. Other diapers l have tried, don't wear as long as Kins, I've been wearing your products since the early 90's. When will more large nursery prints come out?

How do I leave 6 stars?

I've never been a fan of cloth diapers. I've tried some, and at best they've been an interesting change of pace. Got my first one in today, and I'm already ordering more.

Reviewer avatar
super thick

these are my first diapers and will be getting alot more of them

Paul D.
Great, but...

This is a very nice item. Sizing is good also plenty roomy BUT they offer it in many different colors and that is not so. Quote Comes in colours white, blue, pink and various prints. All I found was white and blue. Other than the choice of colors, it is a great item.



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