KINS Terry Lined Lowrider Vinyl Pull On Adult Plastic Pant 40300TV

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This lowrider is a low-waist vinyl pant with one layer of terry lining, it is trim fitting, great over disposables or a light cotton brief. Perfect for the extra layer of protection with absorbency, yet very discreet. Check out our non terry line Original Lowriders in Prints and Solid Colours.

Lowrider Vinyl Adult Diaper Cover Size Chart

Size Small Medium Large Extra Large 2X-Large
Waist 28-32" 32-36" 36-40" 40-44" 44-48"
Max Hip Width 36" 40" 44" 48" 52"
Side Seam 6.5" 7.5" 8.5" 9.5" 10.5"
Crotch Width 8" 8.5" 9" 9.5" 9.5"
Leg Width 11-22" 13-23" 13-24" 14-26" 14-28"

*Note: Not always in stock - may be a custom order, 2-3 weeks to make.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect fit!

Bought these terry lined low rider pants in a size medium. They fit my thinner build 33” waist, 21.5” legs absolutely perfect over a daytime weight disposable diaper with just the right amount of a comfortable fit! Excellent job Babykins ❤️! Keep up the great products!

Philip Campbell
Great Product

I have been using this product for almost ten years. When the vinyl finally cracks from multiple washings, I order replacements. I use them to contain occasional nighttime leaks from my disposable diapers. I also use and recommend the double terry-lined product if I anticipate possible heavy leakage.


KINS Terry Lined Lowrider Vinyl Pull On Adult Plastic Pant 40300TV

Vinyl Pull On Adult Plastic Pant

Very good pant, works well.

Size up 1-2 sizes to fit in these

I thought that these would fit since other companies' XL plastic pants would and the waist and hip sizes were correct. I had no idea what my leg width was. Lo and behold, they arrive and I can't get them more than halfway up my thigh, with the waistband barely able to stretch around the diaper! Thankfully my hubby fits in them, so less leaks from him!